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Mandolin Cases Available

Mandolin Cases Available

We have a great supply of mandolin cases available at New Braunfels Music.

The unique sound of a well played mandolin remains popular across the musical spectrum. Because of this, many popular artists use the folk roots of the mandolin to add depth and color to their music. mandolin case

The traditional round back shape of the Neopolitan style mandolin evolved at the hands of the Gibson Mandolin and Guitar company in the early 1900’s into its familiar modern shape.

The most popular mandolin shapes are the A-style and the F-style. A-style mandolins are pear shaped instruments with a plain headstock. They may have a single oval sound hole or two f holes in the top. F-style mandolins have a stylized, distinct body shape with f holes in the top and a more intricately shaped headstock.

Tune your mandolin like a violin (G-D-A-E) but remember it uses eight strings. This makes the mandolin a natural fit for country and bluegrass bands. With the addition of electronic pickups, the mandolin is a popular addition to pop groups of every genre. The mandolin is also at home in a growing repertoire of classical music for mandolin and full orchestra.mandolin case

The best way to choose a mandolin is to play several and find one that feels good and sounds great. No matter which mandolin you play, please remember they do not bounce well at all, and they do not like to slide off car seats, or down the wall, or off the stage. Protect your mandolin with a case or bag designed to hold it.

Come Get Your Mandolin Case

Different mandolin body shapes require an appropriate case to hold the instrument, and we have several mandolin cases available at New Braunfels Music.mandolin case

We never like to see ‘naked’ guitars, and a ‘naked’ mandolin is especially tragic.

Bring your mandolin in today for a new case fitting.

We do excellent repairs and offer lessons too.