NUX Mighty Lite

The New NUX Mighty Lite mini modeling amp

My New NUX Mighty Lite mini modeling amp:

Upstairs with my NUX Mighty Lite when I hear: “It’s time for bed!”Nux Mini Amp

“No! I still have thirty minutes!”

“Turn off your music and go to bed!”

“No! You said 9:30! It’s not 9:30! I have until 9:30!”

“It’s time for the music to stop!”


“Fine! I’ll just plug in my headphones to my mini amp! That’s what you bought it for me for, right?! So I wouldn’t bother you and your boyfriend!”

“Use your headphones!”

“I am! I just said I am!”

“And I don’t want to hear any drums!”

NUX Mighty Lite Drums:

“You won’t! The backing drums are on the mini amp and will come through the headphones I already said I am going to use!”Nux Mini Modeling Amp

A different voice…

“Doesn’t that mini amp come with like ten different backing drum kits? Why don’t you try playing to a different kind of drum beat? How about a nice rhumba … ”

“No one’s talking to you GARY! MOM! Tell your boyfriend that I’ll play to whatever backing drums I want!”


“Hey! Be nice! He’s just trying to suggest you try playing something new! Can’t you play along to a song? I thought that thing came with bluetooth!”


“Okay then!”


“Have fun! Goodnight!”

A different voice…


“No one’s talking to you, GARY!”