JTC Drum n Loop

JTC Drum & Loop Station by NUX

JTC Drum & Loop Station by NUX

The JTC Drum & Loop Station by NUX solves the problem all guitar players face at some point in their playing career. A problem that eats at your soul and permeates your mind through all your practices: How do I stop noodling and start playing???

Look no further than the JTC Drum & Loop Station by NUX! This all-in-one box is designed to keep you on your toes and in time with 10 different genres of drum beats. From metal to R&B, find your groove and lock in with the included tap-tempo feature. The JTC is also a fully functioning looper with up to 12 minutes of recording time and unlimited overdubs. Just plug in and improvise or compose to your heart’s content!


Jam Track Creator Drum & Loop is the Smallest 24-bit loop pedal with auto detection drum machine.

Muti-Function Footswitch

  • PRESS ONCE: Record/Play/Overdub Loop.
  •   (While playing loop) PRESS & HOLD: Undo/Redo the last layer.
  •   DOUBLE-PRESS: Stop
  •   PRESS & HOLD: Clear Loop.
  •   (Without loop) PRESS & HOLD for 1.5 sec to play Drum only.
  •   When the Drum is playing, HOLD for 1.5 seconds to Stop the Drum OR just press once to Record Loop.
  •   (While Drum is playing without Loop), you can SMART TAP TEMPO to control the speed.

*Smart Tap Tempo: PRESS the footswitch repeatedly.  If the time distance is less than 1.5 sec (40BPM), JTC interprets as Tap Tempo.

JTC Drum & Loop Station Specs:

  • Up to 12 minutes of recording time
  • Unlimited overdubs for layering
  • Two LED lights: one tempo indicator and one record/play/overdub indicator
  • Metronome and 10 drum genres: Pop, Metal, Blues, Country, Rock, Ballad, Funk, R&B, Latin, and Dance
  • Tap Tempo to speed up or slow down any beat
  • Level knob to control volume of playback
  • Play/Pause button to loop with or without drums

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